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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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we hope you join charles every night on fox business channel, before we get to lou dobbs, remember what happened in united states 74 years ago today. lou: i am lou dobbs, a development on campaign trail tonight, one that is likely to cause a huge amount of controversy for donald trump. trump due to appear at a campaign rally. we're looking into the auditorium right now. mount pleasant, south carolina. we'll go there in a moment, when trump arrives, today he called for a ban against all muslim immigrants into u.s. until as he put it, until we can figure out what going on, those comments have kicked off a firestorm of criticism, and condemnation from his
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republican opponents and beyond. jeb bush called trump quote, unhinged. governor kasich said the idea, quote should disqualify him from the presidency. governor chris christie said much of the same senator lindsey graham calling on all can doubts -- we'll go there live when he steps up, also tonight, new warnings about rising threat of the islamic state, just a day after president obama try -- tried to quell concerned about radical islamist terrorism, a intelligence report commissioned by obama white house predicts the islamic state will spread around the world and grow in numbers, unless, unless it suffered a significant loss of territory in iraq and syria, that report release today in short contrast to president's most recent statement could and
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portrayals of terrorist, last night in a widely panned oval office speech, president obama refusing to use the words radical islamist, and offered nothing more than tired and warn admonitions to americans about being unkind to muslims, and more bully pro made -- bro made. >> -- isil are thug and killers, part of a cult of death, they account for a tiny fraction of more than a billion muslims in the world. lou: the president is no longer trying to mock republicans with his language. his transformed language now is referring to them as at least once those quote, thugs and killers.
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those thugs and killers have tried to infiltrate president's syrian refugee program, entering the u.s. we'll be taking all that with former pentagon official ktmcfarland, pamela geller, and also, federal officials learning more about what led to the san bernardino terrorist who opened fire on a holiday party, and killed 14 people. authorities announcing they believe that the couple had been radicalized and been radicalized for as they put if, some time, we'll have a full report for you. also, a new poll shows senator ted cruz surging to first place in iowa with 55 days to go until that state's caucus. another showing senator --men excuse me donald trump ahead of cruz. we'll sort that out. i'll tell you what is driving the cruz support, and whose
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support has fallen. >> top story,. >> warnings that islamic state is for from contained as president obama has insisted. the chairman of committee said that islamic state is already trying to smuggle terrorists into u.s. trying to do so through the white house's syrian refugee program, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the report. >>reporter: coordinated paris terrorists attack relied on a handful of isis trained operatives, the same scenario playing out in this country according to -- who gets classified briefings. >> i can reveal that u.s. government, has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria,
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have already attempted to gain access to our country, through the u.s. refugee program. >>reporter: in his first -- address on state of homeland security congressman mccaul described it as disappointing. >> there is no national strategy to deal with combatting terrorism and foreign fighters. we don't have a strategy. >>reporter: intelligent source confirmed that fox that mccaulaassessment comes from a unclassified government report, though the white house played down that claim. >> these individuals that seek to enter u.s. through the refugee resettlement program do so after undergoing the most intensive screening. >>reporter: a separate intelligence assessment concludes that isis will continue its global expansion in 2016. unless its fiscal base in
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syria is -- physical base in syria is decimated. former head of defense intelligence agency, among first to warn of isis threats -- the administration still lacks focus. >> there is not a lot of confidence, not a lot of clarity. >>reporter: obama administration is changing the way -- viewed as a major change in strategy after obama administration strapped post 9/11 color coded system, replacing it with a national terrorism advisory system which has never been used. >> we need to do a better job of informing the public at large of what we're seeing removing some of mystery about global terrorist threat, and what we're doing about it. >>reporter: a source close to federal investigation tells fox news that syed farook had a 25,000 deposit to his bank account two weeks before the
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shooting at web they are explore figure he took out a loan, on nef on november 20 he withdrew $10,000 in cash to pay for assault rifle. lou: donald trump about to speak at a rally in mount pleasant, south carolina. he has stepped to the podium, today calling for a end to immigration of muslims into the country. until as he put it, the country figures out what is going on. and there is more contact, we'll see what donald trump is saying right now. >> great one. the other big poll that came out, was national poll, trump 36, then i won't mention the other numbers they are so low. you know -- what yo -- when you have so many people running, we had 17, then they started to drop, bing, bing. i love it. i love it.
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and you will lose a lot over the next little while, i would imagine. i don't know when someone is at zero i would think they would drop out. only problem is there is nothing to pick up if there is zero, what do you pick up? you will see that one thing that i think is important because to me very important, in the same poll the big national cnn poll, on the economy, so important, trump, 55%. everyone else nothing. on the budget, i am good at these things economy, budget, i expected this, on budget, trump with 15 people remaining, trump 51%, everyone else, bing. here is one that i started, i took a lot of heat, a lot of height lik heat like the one
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we're talking about today, i guess you heard a little bit. but i am taking heat on this one, illegal immigration. had i not brought that up in trump you toker i tower in june, what i announced that i was going to run for president, it takes courage to run for president, believe me. all my life i heard, if you are a successful person, if you are very successful have you done a lot of things, a lot of deals, you can't run for president, yet that is the kind of mind set and thinking this country needs could we're being run by people who don't know what they are doing. very sad. illegal immigration, trump 48%. this is with 15 people. everyone else, no good. on a thing called isis. you ever know, isis.
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don't worry we have plenty we'll talk about isis. can you believe it? here we have generals that go -- >> donald trump talking to crowd we'll step back, from there as he goes through his poll results, i just want to point out, that donald trump today, calls for an end or temporary end suspension, to the immigration of muslims into the united states until as he put it, we can figure out what is going on. i said, i would add context to his call for that, his campaign sites cites a pew research study on population of muslim in u.s., 25 percent of those polled, agree that violence against americans, the 25% of those polls, agreed
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that violent against americans mere in unitehere in the united states is justified as parts of the global jihad. this the results of the pew poll, it went on with the results of 51% of those polls saying, they agree that muslims in america should have choice of being governed according to u.s. law or sharia law othat basis, donald trump said, that without looking at various polling data, it is obvious to anyone that hatred is beyond comp hencetion, he said, his call for a suspect pension of immigration -- suspension of immigration of muslim into u.s. until, we can figure out what is going on, we'll go back to donald trump in a moment. if he is saying something new. something that is import beyond poll results. moving ahead, a demonstration
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of iranian contempt for our president, who as you know negotiated a nuclear deal with the islam ir islamic republic of iran, they have a clear miff tesmissile test. it was carried out two weeks ago, pentagon is only just now informing us about it missile has a range of 1200 miles, well within range of israel. it is designed to carry a nuclear warhead. and the last time iran tested the missile, a test that was also in violation of u.n. regulars, the president -- resolutions, the president demured, said it would not derail his nuclear accord with, ran, only he was don -- iran, saying he was only
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lou: homeland security secretary jay johnson introduce a new terror threat warning system in wake of deadly attacks of paris and san bernardino. johnson said that details will be unveiled in quote coming day, this is the third terror alert system that would be put in place, by the homeland security department. since september 11 terrorist attacks not many people have understood any one of them, this may be different. joining us, former pentagon official, kt mcfarland. >> good to be here. lou: let's start with first, we have a presidential candidate say that muslims should not be able to immigrate into the country for a while, as he put it until we
7:18 pm
figure out what is going on. >> i think the whole who comes into united states process is under a lot of suspicion, and questioned and rightfully so, the woman that came in, did this san bernardino shooting she came here legally, she passed vetting process, homeland security there is snog wronsomething wrong with that process. if we now hear intelligence support to house committee of homeland security saying i'm hearing from intelligence that isis is already using and abusing the refugee program. lou: mike mccaul, chairman of house homeland security committee said, they are here. >> they are here, there is something wrong with the system that allows those to happen. we need to take a quick, sudden second look. lou: a second look, muslims do
7:19 pm
you have a problem first of first amendment, should that prohibit -- >> i don't like the idea we're stereo typing anyone or saying okay christians you can come, muslims you cannot, the whole thing needs to go in one big pause. 234until we figure out a vetting system or visa waiver system. >> almost 40 countries have that a visa waiver. people don't need a visa to come here, including middle eastern countries. i find it stunning that the -- by the way, i want to show you at home a press release from trump organization looks like.
7:20 pm
shut down of muslims entering united states, he cites a 2015 pew research study that is remarkable for center are security policy. showing 25% this is context, i was talking about earlier for trump call of suspension. these are muslims responding to a telephone survey in which they opted in to i think that is correct term. >> i think on-line survey not telephone, they opted in to make their position known, that is a staggering number. lou: 25% would condone violence. >> even just half -- that is still a scary number.
7:21 pm
lou: 51% of those agreeing with statement that muslims in america should have the choice of being governed according to u.s. law or sharia law. this is -- >> in europe that is happening. lou: that is europe. >> they are allowed -- i would rather have a sharia court, my kids to a sharia school, that is why they have a big problem. they have not assimilated. we historically have but we stopped. lou: we heard jeb bush say that donald trump is unhinged. kasich and christie saying he should be disqualified for running for president for his call to suspend immigration. >> i think it is jawf just a pause. what is going on, what is the system. lou: trying as best i can to interpret donald trump. but, those comments, fdr, did
7:22 pm
the same thing when we were at war, president declaring we are at war, hillary clinton disagrees. there is such confusion in this administration. >> that is what it is. lou: what do we do. >> and president last night, he didn't reassure anybody. he did not convince anyone we're -- that it is okay. we're all fine. every time he comes out and makes a statement, isis is contained, jv, there is a terrorist attack within days of him saying that. lou: the madness of that administration, president of united states contradicting himself, by his own ways ways commission report today. to which chairman mccaul from homeland security, referred. he is contradict by facts. it is and i mean just, stunning to see a president, he is a lame duck, but this is a lame duck who is basically,
7:23 pm
even by standards he is descending into remarkable irrelevanirness. >> the -- irrelevantness. >> would you support senator ted cruz call to quote, unquote, utterly destroy the islamic state, and carpet bomb them into oblivion, end quote? we've had a coming out party in this primary campaign. >> cast your vote at lou: the 4th time is charm for nasa this time after several days of bad weather delays, nasa able to successfully launch a much needed shipment of groceries into supplies to the international space station. there she goes. next stop, iss, up next, a few
7:24 pm
thoughts on a president who spends more time lecturing americans on guns than explaining what he is doing to protect them from the islamic state. remember, 14 months ago he said he would destroy the i islamic say the, isis, isil. we'll told you why one southern california man is hailed as a hero pilot. wait until you see this. he and the video are next. stay with us.
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. lou: breaking news, you are looking at don righ donald trump right now. >> worst than pearl harbor, with world trade center hey are killing innocent civilians, at least while it was a dirty rotten sneak attack, at least it -- there -- wow. thank good niece he i goodness he is on my side, while it was an attack it was military, this was a attack on world trade center. so, what is happened is we're out of control. we have no idea who is coming into the country. we have no idea if they love us or hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. we have no idea what is going on.
7:27 pm
then i look at poll numbers, and not polls where i am winning, i like these. but these i hate these. and it is very, very sad. go after some of the numbers. 25% of those polls, this was from center for security policy. this is people living in this country. 25% of those polls, agreed violence against americans, is justified. muslims. 25%. 51% muslims living here, by the way, i have friends that are muslims they are great people, they know we have a problem, they know we have a healtwe have a real problem, something is going wrong, we can't put up with it, we can't put up with it 51%. 51%, highly reported, number polling groups,' to be
7:28 pm
governed according to sharia, you know what sharia -- circumstance so, i wrote this, mainstream media wants to surrender the constitution, the mainstream media, they are the worst, so dishonest. they are so dishonest. they are so dishonest. i had one from nbc a reporter from nbc, another one i think that cbs. they actually in columbus, ohio, i had a trel dous tremendous crowd for lik like 10,000 people, it was a love fest, everyone stayed to the end, one of the politicians kasich, he is a horrible debater, he made a statement, that oh, they left after 10 minutes. now the press was there, they
7:29 pm
saw, nobody said it was a lie, it was a total lie. nobody is leaving here, but for that one person who was screaming. so, we ask the press to report it was a total lie, they don't want to do that,'s not the thing to do, we get biggest crowds, they don't want to show this crowd, they will not show all of the people outside trying to get in they have camera in my face, i say fan the crowd, look at people over here. a record in history of the ship. but they don't show it. they don't show it. no, no. i said, fan it i say fan it they never eever fan it. i say fan the crowd, they never fan it. yet, i guarantee you, that young woman that just got taken out after interrupt us us 3 types i guarantee the cameras will be on her, it is disgusting work of.
7:30 pm
some of media is terrific. but, most of it is 70%, 75% is dishonest, and absolute scum, remember that scum. scum. they are dishonest people. i had one the other day where i finished a speech, they said, oh, trump was interrupted he left early, like -- i spoke like for 45 or 50 minutes, i then answered questions, then i went to you know, everyone knew it was done, amazeyly there is a media group that calls media the next day, they did what a beautiful story about what a lie it was from nbc, she back there, katie, she is back there, what a lie it was. no, no, what a lie katie couric. it was from nbc to have written, that it was lie.
7:31 pm
and they did a story, i didn't know they had a group like this, they criticize the media, they said it was a lie. and i loved it. i loved it then another people pick it up, nbc so someone picks it up, third rate reporter remember that third rate. i said, mainstream media, wants to surrender or constitution and our constitutional rights. i don't want, that i want is toyisis to surrender. okay? i want isis to surrender. it is very simple, here is what happens. a little bit of controversial, a great day poll number are through the roof. but i have more of -- you know i -- is there anyway to call the election tomorrow, wouldn't you love that? now they are coming at us in
7:32 pm
full force, they are coming at all of us. all of us. because you know we have a noisy majority. they used to call to the quiet majority, people are fed up, they are fed up with incompetance with stud study "studio 1stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people. they are fed up. lou: joining us now, editor of national review we'll keep donald trump in the small screen. while we await his arrival at that point in his talk. rich lowry, and juan williams. you are i think we saw first -- we'll get to call to stop the immigration of muslims in. but you also seen a real shift in the politics of presidential campaign trail. where president alcaial --
7:33 pm
alcan date is calling out reporters by name, and laying it out, this is sort of a breach of historical protocol? >> usually, i have been called out, i have nothing, i have nothing to lose. usually it is done behind the scenes by press people to do it so publicly and personaly, is different. >> it is different. what do you think? >> the closest -- i thought that was crass, but closet was vice president cheney once call out a "new york times" reporter 92 he called him. >> but not intentionally. he did not realize he was -- you remember that. >> lou: do you remember the name of the reporter? so we can give him credit. >> no. lou: your reaction. for calling a suspension, based on pew research.
7:34 pm
it was an on-line poll, 25% saying, mus muslims opting in saying they felt u.s. should be punished under the global jihad. >> calling for a pause cannot necessarily that radical but what strikes people the wrong way i don't think it will play well, politically, for broader electric cat i -- electorate is idea of a religious test for immigration, we need -- >> coming in. >> muslims are number one group coming in to the united states under this president. number one group of immigrants, your thoughts? >> well, i think that you have to look at where people are coming from, we ha asian immigrants, they are number one, it used to be latinos. now number one is asians,
7:35 pm
therefore you see more muslims, i think this is a intriguing moment, i think that history would indicate that kind of tomorrow nation about 2 gets in is not in keeping with our values, not with who we are. lou: i hear this thing about keeping our values, and i think we'll have a great debate over religion as parts of the test. or the decision, there are ways to get around, that and i am sure that the folks will figure it out. but reality is rear a nation of war -- we're a national war, that is what president did say last night in 13 minutes of pure -- well i won't character it, but hi 13 minutes. we don't secure our borders, we don't secure our ports not fighting with full energy and wherewithal of united states, i mean, at what point do we say maybe we got it just wrong .
7:36 pm
>> paul and cruz are saying if the country has a subspan shal-- substance shull reputation of the groups than you can say something but on religious basis. >> country by country tests go down better, you are right, most profound point to make that no one has a right to come to the united states, we decide who comes, we should do it on basis of our interest, it is run out of control it is chain migration, no one controls 123 it. lou: it is mindness less and carelessness, donald trump getting to his call. >> we have no choice. according to pew research, among others, there is a great hatred toward americans by
7:37 pm
large segments of the muslim population. most recently a poll from center for security policy released 25 percent of those poll agrees that violent against americans, these are people that are here, people that are here, 25%, not 1%, one person would be unacceptable. 25%, of those polled, agree that violence against americans here is the united states, is justified. as part -- think of that, as part of the global jihad. they want to change your religion. i don't think so. i don't think so. i don't think so. not going to happen. as part of the global jihad. and 51% of those poll agree
7:38 pm
that muslims in america should have the choice of being governed according to sharia. you know what sharia is. 51%. sharia authorizes, this is -- terrible. sharia authorizes such atrocities as murder agains nonpolice officerrer nonbelievers who won't convert, and beheadings. and acts against women. tough stuff. we have a president who will not mention the term, you talk about number like this. mr. trump stated without looking at the various polls data, is obvious to anyone that hatred is beyond com
7:39 pm
comprehension. where the hatred comes from, and why, we'll have to determine, we have to figure it out, we can't live like this. it will get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers, it is going to get worse and worse, we can be politically correct, and stupid. but it will get worse and worse. until we are able to determine and understand the problem, and the danger threat it poses our cup country cannot be the victim of the ho herron douse attacks by people that believe only in jihad, only believe in jihad. they don't want our system. they don't' our system. and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. they have no respect for human life.
7:40 pm
lou: noise you hear there, he has been as you know, quite a tumultuous rally for donald trump there in mount pleasant, south carolina. but he has been interrupted 3 times by protest ors and demonstrators, and he keeps going and the crowd continues to support him, to my knowledge, i suppose my producers would correct me, i don't believe that anyone has been thrown out of the rally, at-this-point, one person was walked out, just a moment ago. we're updating you on that number. we're going to, right back, juan williams with us, rich lowery, we'll be joined by pastor darrel scott, who with a group of -- there you are. pastor good to have you with us. we appreciate it, pastor darrel scott, founder and senior pastor of new spirit
7:41 pm
revival in ohio, great too have you with us. let's as we watch in part listening to donald trump. your reaction to his call fo for ufor us is pension of inbreak -- suspension of immigration muslim to country. >> in this day and age we're leaving in, bible speaks of there being perilous times, i believe this is perilous times, often times drastic times, produce drastic measures on part of those that are in authority. mr. trump/8 he believes that the immigration should be suspended, he did not give a time table, i do believe that the vetting process, it needs to be revised and improved. i really believe it needs to be updated so we can more readily identify those that those a possible threat to our american way of living. something has to be done.
7:42 pm
and we don't want you know, terrorists to slip through the cracks, i mean, i saw today that fbi released, the finding that those terrorists are those that participate in the shooing in san bernardino, they had been radicalized sometimes ago, if there was more stringent measures we may have been a it recognize that the potential for that existed. and prevented it from happening before it did. lou: the visa required that past or is referring to, the state department insisted it was a rigorous vetting process we find out kfs pur -- out it was pure poppycock. we're told it will be applied to all syrian refugees. syrian, and other refugees
7:43 pm
from hundred next year. with this vetting process, you know, as pastor said, we have to do something, do we not to protect this country and american people. >> and broadest gauge, this is what is driving the trump phenomenon. the constant false reassure answers from our own government, reminders of its incompetance and weakness, as you know i'm not a trump fan but his ability to define debate is incredible. he has been denounced by the other republican candidates but watch as they crab walk in his direction on this issue. louissue. lou: perpwalk perhaps. juan? >> what we know about is 10,000, my sense of it -- >> no, we know about is 100,000.
7:44 pm
>> i don't think so, i never heard anybody say that -- lou: i'll defer to you rather than argue. >> i think our judged idea of survey lip sorry surveillance and registry of muslims it may appeal to some part of the republican base right now as rich said who are frustrated. overall there are a lot of americans that find it extreme, lou. lou: extreme, and pastor scott your thoughts, because, donald trump said he is going to be able to win the black vote in the country. 5the african-american vote, what do you think his odds are? >> if is possible he can win the black vote, black have traditionaly voted democrat, but i don't think we have a good reason to continue to vote democrat.
7:45 pm
when you listen to the man on the street, a lot of what donald trump says, resonates with them. that thing he saying, in our meeting we have a productive 2 1/2 hour meeting with mr. trump, he talks about a lot of things that are jermaine to the african-american community, entrepreneurship, fixing the crumbling infrastructure, creating jobs, these are important to the average person, layman on the street, but he wants an improvement in his way of living, donald trump saying, as a common man he stoops to the common man, the common man hears him. lou: it is extraordinary pastor, or juan or rich. he is a bit of a blue collar billionaire. >> he is. lou: he speaks straight forwardly, this used to be
7:46 pm
true of all americans, it was way that americans were known. we were considered to be plain spoken. straight forward. and self reliant. >> this is one of most amazing thins about trump phenomenon it hit me in iowa, scott walker still in the race, he would go everywhere bragging about a bought a shirt for a will do are at kohl's -- -- a shirt for a dollar at kohl's, and out populist by this guy giving kids a ride his helicopter at iowa state pair, poll after poll, he is afeeling to voters without a college education. lou: i have to say "new york times," had a article on that today. one of most elitist nonsense call pieces of junk i have seen. "new york times," trying to be dismissive of mi suspect are oof his support. >> the key -- >> that was about 90%. this just by most of us, identifies middle class.
7:47 pm
>> i think that there is no question we identify as middle class, but when you look at break down the company supporters, you see that they are not college educated, you talk boo high school, not just american of blue collar. >> vast majority of them. >> 75%. >> no, i think that not the case, that though that i see black or latino working class people. >> i -- i am looking at this thing, if you will color blind. right, i am talking about those folks who across the society of ours, most don't have a clinton administration ed -- college education, they are most working with hands, working as data day jobs. work a day jobs. and by god proud of the fact they earn money with their labor. >> trump as found a way to speak to those voters, and other republicans need as well, they need to spoke to their economi economy
7:48 pm
anxieties. >> we need is one more -- won't say it pastor because you are here. [ laughter ] >> high ears ar >> you can say it my ears are not tender. >> as the bible says, i'm in the world i'm in the of the world. >> but, mr. trump resonating with the plain man. he is not prototypical billionaire, he still goes to work every day, he could have on white pants and wait lovers with a sweater tied around his neck sailing on a yacht. we can look at him here, is not thurston howell iii. lou: there you go, donald trump, we're going to continue that, discussion, he is
7:49 pm
calling for an end to all muslim immigrants entering until as he put it we can figure out what is going on, attorney general loretta lynch walking back her comes suggestioning that justice department would go after anyone making an antimuslim peachspeech, we take up that with antiradical islam ir islamist activist pamela geller, stay with us, we'll coming right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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lou: pamela geller is the president of the california freedom defense initiative. back in may her project mohammad art exhibit became the target of two armed suspects. they were gunned down in garland, texas. no one has been longer in the fight around the world and in this country particularly than you. but first your reaction to donald trump. calling for a suspension all i am graiftion muslims into the
7:54 pm
yates. >> president obama's feckless policies here and abroad necessitated emergency measures. one of the jihadists was thoroughly vetted point allows this woman to come in. it's obviously an abject failure. it's obviously an intelligence failure. delays money train that should have necessitated these people be surveilled and they weren't. on the other hand i don't support trump because he attacks me so viciously after garld. tough don't fight for the first amendment, you don't think you qualify to be president.
7:55 pm
lou: to be called an obnoxious blow hard. >> one of the leading in the recruiters for isis is linked to the southbound very jihadists. -- to the san bernardino jihadists. they were training in the same gun range. they were training with guns before we announced an art exhibit of mohamed. lou: what was string to me last night, the president concludes the way to defeat the islamic state which he won't say because he doesn't want to say islamic is to take away our guns. these are becoming -- compounds i will lodgic. >> what would he have done with
7:56 pm
the canadian jihadists that were planning a wmd attack to kills thousands of people? what about the pipe bombs and the world trade center bombings? lou: last night he did finally admit hassan and the chattanooga shooters all were part of terrorist acts. so at least he got that far. i have got a few seconds. loretta lynch basically threatened anyone who would make a comment about a muslim. >> they try to impose the sharia. lou: thanks for being with us. good night from new york. but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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reporter: hello and welcome. last night i watched the president try to reassure a worried nation as he tried to explain await anxiety in the wake of the san bernardino murders. he initially spared us the condescending lecture after the attack which he normally likes to do. and i was surprised when he correctly labeled the attack last night. >> it's clear the two of them had gone down the dark path of radicalization, embracing perverted interpretation of islam that calls for war against america and the west.


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